For the lovely big cats, of any type.  roaring
White Tiger (by ACW#)
Löwe (by CROW1973)
Lailek shaking (by Tambako the Jaguar)
cheetahfanatic: What is you favorite kind of cat?

I love all species of big cat, but lions are probably my favourite. :)

Posted 8 Apr
Anything you can do.. (by Carl Stovell)
Sibirischer Tiger (by tobias f.)
The Lookout (by Charlie and Me)
IMG_9221 (by Ricky Floyd)
Nostalgic male lion (by Tambako the Jaguar)
Cheetah (by ~joey)
Having a kip (by wwmike)
DZP (by wwmike)
It looks fierce, but it’s only a big cute cat. (by goldencookies)
looking up (by wwmike)
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